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Movement WASD/Arrow keys
Fire weapon Left mouse button
Quick change Weapon Q/E
Direct change weapon Number keys
Pause game P



The Player
This is you. You are the last man alive in the city during the zombie apocalypse. Sooner or later you WILL go down, all you're concerned with is how many of them you take with you.
The Average Joe
The most numerous of the zombies is this guy. They aren't the fastest or toughest but they are still dangerous.The shotgun is an effective weapon against them as it can kill a couple of them each time it's fired. DO NOT let them corner you if want to survive longer than a minute.
The Bolter
Faster and weaker, these go down easily to the rifle, but their speed allows them to overwhelm you and if they get close enough, they can keep you in place long enough for the harder hitting zombies to reach you.
The Bruiser
This zombie is a walking tank. Slow but powerful, these zombies can kill you in three hits. The best way to deal with these is to use the rockect launcher.


Your basic, trusty rifle. The one weapon that is always there when you need it, but it still has the ability to mow down the hordes when needed. Hold down the trigger and it will lay waste.
You want those couple of zombies gone? One shot of this and your wish will be granted. With a unique spead of shells the shotgun can get you out of the worst of situations.
Rocket Launcher
Easily the most damaging of the weapons, the rocket launcher will fire a pure rocket as far as your zombie friends face, take it out and provide a little splash damage for good measure. Scarce on ammo, you may not want to just throw these around, but it's good against those slow moving Bruisers.
Your last minute action. When you see yourself trapped in a corner with no way of escape, you must launch your Nuke. Wiping everything Zombie related on the map, you will escape with your life and a few seconds to recover before the next onslaught. Be wary though, those nukes are hard to come by so when they do, don't give into your temptation to dropit on that last nagging Bruiser.


Incredibly useful, this power-up restores half of your health. Great for when you've taken too many hits and are barely alive.
A second chance at wiping out as many zombies as possible. You start with three of these, and you lose one each time you go down. Occasionally a new life will appear and give you another chance.
Essentially a burst of adrenaline, this power-up increases your speed by 50% for about 5 seconds. Great for getting away from a horde of zombies trying to pin and kill you.
Bonus Points
Sacrifice your current position to rush in a bid to increase your score by picking up this bonus points power-up to climb higher in the leaderboards.

You have plenty of ammo for your rifle, but the shotgun and rocket launcher is another story. The only way to replenish it is to pick up these power-ups.
As rare as an extra life, this is the only way to replenish the awesome power of the nuke.