Physics4K  2013-06-04
Physics4K is the next great evolution in 2D physics engines. built upon the C++ Game Framework, it is going to take the next generation gaming world by storm.
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PK::World Class Reference

#include <World.h>

Public Member Functions

 World (Vector2f gravity)
 ~World ()
void GenerateWorld ()
bool Update (float timeStep)
void Add (Shape *item)
void Add (Joint *item)
JointGenerateJoint (Box *box1, Box *box2, const Vector2f anchorPoint)
void Clear ()
std::vector< Vector2fGetCurrentCollisionPoints ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

World::World ( Vector2f  gravity)

Create an instance of the physics world

World::~World ( )

Destroy this instance of the physics world

Member Function Documentation

void World::Add ( Shape item)

Add an item to be affected by physics to the physics world

Item to add

void World::Add ( Joint item)

Add a joint to affect the boxes the physics world

Joint to add

void World::Clear ( )

Clear all the objects out of the physics world

Joint * World::GenerateJoint ( Box box1,
Box box2,
const Vector2f  anchorPoint 

Generate a joint between two boxes

Box 1 to join to... ... Box 2, which is this Point to anchor them both to, part they can rotate around

void World::GenerateWorld ( )

Generate the physics wold

std::vector< Vector2f > World::GetCurrentCollisionPoints ( )

Get all current collision points from the BoxPairs

bool World::Update ( float  timeStep)

Update the physics wold

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