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PK::Shape Class Reference

#include <Shape.h>

Inheritance diagram for PK::Shape:
PK::Box PK::Circle

Public Member Functions

void SetForce (Vector2f force)
ShapeType GetType ()

Public Attributes

Vector2f Position
float Rotation
float Friction
float Mass
float InvMass
float InertiaTensor
float InvInertiaTensor
Vector2f Velocity
float AngularVelocity
Vector2f Force

Protected Member Functions

 Shape ()
 Shape (float xPos, float yPos, float rotation, float friction, float mas, float intertiaTensor)
void ZeroForce ()

Protected Attributes

ShapeType Type


class World

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Shape::Shape ( )

Create an instance of a Shape object

Shape::Shape ( float  xPos,
float  yPos,
float  rotation,
float  friction,
float  mass,
float  inertiaTensor 

Create an instance of a Shape object

Member Function Documentation

ShapeType Shape::GetType ( )

Gets the currennt Type of shape this is

void Shape::SetForce ( Vector2f  force)

Set a static external force to be applied to the shape next update

Force to be applied

void Shape::ZeroForce ( )

Reset the external force to zero

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class World

Member Data Documentation

float PK::Shape::AngularVelocity

Current angular velocity of the shape

Vector2f PK::Shape::Force

External force to be applied to the system

float PK::Shape::Friction

Coefficient of friction for the object

float PK::Shape::InertiaTensor
float PK::Shape::InvInertiaTensor

1 / the Inertia Tensor (used for calculations)

float PK::Shape::InvMass

1 / Mass of the shape (used for calculations)

float PK::Shape::Mass

Mass of the shape

Vector2f PK::Shape::Position

Position of the shape

float PK::Shape::Rotation

Rotation of the shape in radians

ShapeType PK::Shape::Type

Type of shape this shape is

Vector2f PK::Shape::Velocity

Current velocity of the shape

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