Physics4K  2013-06-04
Physics4K is the next great evolution in 2D physics engines. built upon the C++ Game Framework, it is going to take the next generation gaming world by storm.
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1 // Filename: MathXtras.h
5 //Preprocessor directive designed to cause the current source file to be included only once in a single compilation
6 #pragma once
8 //Includes
9 #include "Vector2f.h"
10 #include "Matrix22.h"
12 const float TWO_PI = 6.283185307179586476925286766559f;
14 using namespace PK;
16 namespace PK
17 {
18  Vector2f Abs(const Vector2f& value);
19  Matrix22 Abs(const Matrix22& value);
20  float Sign(float x);
21  float Dot(const Vector2f& a, const Vector2f& b);
22  Vector2f Tangent(const Vector2f& vector);
23  float Cross(const Vector2f& v1, const Vector2f& v2);
24  float Clamp(float value, const float min, const float max);
25  unsigned int Factorial(unsigned int n);
26  unsigned int TriangleNumber(unsigned int n);
27  float FastInvSqrt(float n);
28  float FastSqrt(float n);
29 }