Physics4K  2013-06-04
Physics4K is the next great evolution in 2D physics engines. built upon the C++ Game Framework, it is going to take the next generation gaming world by storm.
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Collision.h File Reference
#include "PKInclude.h"
#include "Matrix22.h"
#include "Vector2f.h"
#include "MathXtras.h"
#include "Box.h"
#include "Contact.h"
#include "Circle.h"
#include "Shape.h"

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Constant Groups



PK_API int PK::OBBOBBCollision (Box *box1, Box *box2, Contact *contacts)
PK_API int PK::CircleCircleCollision (Circle *circle1, Circle *circle2, Contact *contacts)
PK_API int PK::BoxCircleCollision (Box *box, Circle *circle, Contact *contacts, bool isCircleFirst)