MuGameFramework  1.0
MuGameFramework is a 2D game framework built upon C# and SFML
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCMuGameFramework.CameraViewObject representing a region of 2D space to show on screen
oCMuGameFramework.Graphics.ColorRepresents an RGBA color object
oCMuGameFramework.ContentManagerManager used to load content into an object and into memory
oCMuGameFramework.GameCodeAbstract class used to hold the code for a users game to interact within the game framework
oCMuGameFramework.GameComponentListObject that can update and draw GameComponents automatically
oCMuGameFramework.GameFrameworkCore code behind the running of the Game Framework
oCMuGameFramework.GameServicesObject that can hold global services for access anywhere in the code
oCMuGameFramework.GameSettingsUsed to provide the settings to the GameEngine
oCMuGameFramework.GameTimeObject reresenting many values corresponding to the time in the game
oCMuGameFramework.IContentInterface ensuring all pieces of content have these methods
|oCMuGameFramework.Audio.MusicMusic object used for large music files, streaming from the file system
|oCMuGameFramework.Audio.SoundBufferSoundBuffer object for holding a music file in memory
|oCMuGameFramework.Graphics.FontRepresenting a font in memory for use for drawing text on screen
|\CMuGameFramework.Graphics.Texture2DRepresents a 2D texture stored in memory
oCMuGameFramework.IDrawableInterface ensuring all drawable classes have the Draw methods
|\CMuGameFramework.GameComponentRepresenting a single drawable component in the game
| \CMuGameFramework.Diagnostics.FPSCounterProvides a visual FPS counter on screen
oCMuGameFramework.IRenderTargetInterface ensuring all RenderTargets can return the SFML RenderTarget the Framework
|\CMuGameFramework.WindowContainer class allowing creation and access of the Window
oCMuGameFramework.IUpdatableInterface ensuring all updatable classes have the Update methods
|\CMuGameFramework.GameComponentRepresenting a single drawable component in the game
oCMuGameFramework.JoystickOutOfRangeExceptionException representing when something is out of range of the Joystick
oCMuGameFramework.InputDevice.JoystickStateObject holding a certain state of the Joystick
oCMuGameFramework.InputDevice.KeyboardStateObject holding a certain state of the Keyboard
oCMuGameFramework.MonoUnsupportedExceptionException representing when something is unsopported by Mono
oCMuGameFramework.InputDevice.MouseStateObject holding a certain state of the Mouse
oCMuGameFramework.Components.PointRepresents a 2D (X, Y) point on the screen
oCMuGameFramework.Components.RectangleRepresents a Rectangle on a 2D plane on the screen
oCMuGameFramework.Graphics.Shapes.ShapeAbstract Shape representing the generic methods all shapes have
|oCMuGameFramework.Graphics.Shapes.CircleShapeCreate a visual Circle Shape to show on screen
|oCMuGameFramework.Graphics.Shapes.PolygonShapeCreate a visual Shape of many sides to show on screen
|\CMuGameFramework.Graphics.Shapes.RectangleShapeCreate a visual Rectangle Shape to show on screen
oCMuGameFramework.Components.SizeRepresents an objects Width and Height
oCMuGameFramework.Audio.SoundSound object for playing a Soundbuffer from mebory - used for small soundbytes, sound effects
oCMuGameFramework.Graphics.SpriteClass representing a sprite drawn on screen with all generic properties and methods
oCMuGameFramework.Graphics.SpriteBatchEnables Sprites, Strings and Shapes to be drawn on screen
oCMuGameFramework.TimerContainer class for the Stopwatch?
\CMuGameFramework.Components.Vector2Represents a 2D Vector object on the screen