KinectXNA  1.0
KinectXNA is an XNA library, built to simplify many of the generic methods used to access, control and calculate the Kinect sensor.
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oCKinectDepthStreamClass containing all of the functions and variables needed to create the depth stream display
 oCKinectManagerManager to managing the Kinect
 oCKinectNotFoundExceptionException representing when something is out of range of the Joystick
 oCKinectSettingsProvides the settings for the Kinect sensor
 oCKinectSkeletonClass containing all the functions necessary to manage the Skeleton imformation taken from Kinect
 oCKinectSkeletonEventArgsEvent arguments passed whenever the KinectSkeleton event is called
 oCKinectVideoStreamClass containing all the fuctions for the video camera on the Kinect sensor
 oCKinectVideoStreamEventArgsEvent arguments passed whenever the KinectVideoStream event is called
 \CSpeechRecognizedEventArgsEvent arguments passed whenever the KinectVoiceRecognition event is called