C++ Game Framework  2013-06-04
CGF is a DirectX 11 game framework, built in C++ and DirectX 11. This is used to contain many to the DirectX functionality and wrap them into a framework to make game development easier.
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DDS_PIXELFORMAT Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint32_t size
uint32_t flags
uint32_t fourCC
uint32_t RGBBitCount
uint32_t RBitMask
uint32_t GBitMask
uint32_t BBitMask
uint32_t ABitMask

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t DDS_PIXELFORMAT::ABitMask
uint32_t DDS_PIXELFORMAT::BBitMask
uint32_t DDS_PIXELFORMAT::flags
uint32_t DDS_PIXELFORMAT::fourCC
uint32_t DDS_PIXELFORMAT::GBitMask
uint32_t DDS_PIXELFORMAT::RBitMask
uint32_t DDS_PIXELFORMAT::size

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