C++ Game Framework  2013-06-04
CGF is a DirectX 11 game framework, built in C++ and DirectX 11. This is used to contain many to the DirectX functionality and wrap them into a framework to make game development easier.
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dxerr.h File Reference
#include <windows.h>
#include <sal.h>

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#define DXGetErrorString   DXGetErrorStringW
#define DXGetErrorDescription   DXGetErrorDescriptionW
#define DXTrace   DXTraceW
#define DXTRACE_MSG(str)   (0L)
#define DXTRACE_ERR(str, hr)   (hr)
#define DXTRACE_ERR_MSGBOX(str, hr)   (hr)


const WCHAR *WINAPI DXGetErrorStringW (_In_ HRESULT hr)
void WINAPI DXGetErrorDescriptionW (_In_ HRESULT hr, _Out_cap_(count) WCHAR *desc, _In_ size_t count)
HRESULT WINAPI DXTraceW (_In_z_ const WCHAR *strFile, _In_ DWORD dwLine, _In_ HRESULT hr, _In_opt_ const WCHAR *strMsg, _In_ bool bPopMsgBox)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DXGetErrorDescription   DXGetErrorDescriptionW
#define DXGetErrorString   DXGetErrorStringW
#define DXTrace   DXTraceW
#define DXTRACE_ERR (   str,
)    (hr)
#define DXTRACE_ERR_MSGBOX (   str,
)    (hr)
#define DXTRACE_MSG (   str)    (0L)

Function Documentation

void WINAPI DXGetErrorDescriptionW ( _In_ HRESULT  hr,
_Out_cap_(count) WCHAR *  desc,
_In_ size_t  count 
const WCHAR* WINAPI DXGetErrorStringW ( _In_ HRESULT  hr)
HRESULT WINAPI DXTraceW ( _In_z_ const WCHAR *  strFile,
_In_ DWORD  dwLine,
_In_ HRESULT  hr,
_In_opt_ const WCHAR *  strMsg,
_In_ bool  bPopMsgBox