C++ Game Framework  2013-06-04
CGF is a DirectX 11 game framework, built in C++ and DirectX 11. This is used to contain many to the DirectX functionality and wrap them into a framework to make game development easier.
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Class Index
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DDS_HEADER   GameContainer (CGF)   Input (CGF)   
DDS_HEADER_DXT10   GameEngine (CGF)   
Camera (CGF)   DDS_PIXELFORMAT   GameTime (CGF)   Window (CGF)   
CGFException (CGF)   DrawableString (CGF)   GraphicsDevice (CGF)   Texture (CGF)   
Color4f (CGF)   
TextureBox (CGF)   
ColorBox (CGF)   TextureShader (CGF)   
ColorCircle (CGF)   Font (CGF)   handle_closer   
ColorLine (CGF)   FontShader (CGF)   
ColorShader (CGF)   
Vector2f (CGF)   
IGraphicsObject (CGF)   Vector3f (CGF)   
GameCode (CGF)   
D3DManager (CGF)   
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