C++ Game Framework  2013-06-04
CGF is a DirectX 11 game framework, built in C++ and DirectX 11. This is used to contain many to the DirectX functionality and wrap them into a framework to make game development easier.
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CGF::GraphicsDevice Class Reference

#include <GraphicsDevice.h>

Public Member Functions

void Draw (IGraphicsObject *drawable)
ID3D11Device * GetD3DXDevice ()
D3DManagerGetD3DManager ()
XMMATRIX GetProjectionMatrix ()
XMMATRIX GetWorldMatrix ()
XMMATRIX GetOrthoMatrix ()
Vector2f GetScreenDimensions ()


class GameEngine

Member Function Documentation

void GraphicsDevice::Draw ( IGraphicsObject drawable)

Draw an object on the screen

Object to draw on screen

D3DManager * GraphicsDevice::GetD3DManager ( )

Get the DirectX Manager itself

ID3D11Device * GraphicsDevice::GetD3DXDevice ( )

Get the current Direct3D device

XMMATRIX GraphicsDevice::GetOrthoMatrix ( )

Get the current orthographic matrix

XMMATRIX GraphicsDevice::GetProjectionMatrix ( )

Get the current projection matrix

Vector2f GraphicsDevice::GetScreenDimensions ( )

Get the dimensions of the screen

XMMATRIX GraphicsDevice::GetWorldMatrix ( )

Get the current world matrix

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class GameEngine

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