C++ Game Framework  2013-06-04
CGF is a DirectX 11 game framework, built in C++ and DirectX 11. This is used to contain many to the DirectX functionality and wrap them into a framework to make game development easier.
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CGF::Font Class Reference

#include <Font.h>

Public Member Functions

 Font (char *fontFilename, WCHAR *textureFilename, GameContainer *game)
 ~Font ()
void BuildVertexArray (VertexType *, char *, float, float)
TextureGetTexture ()


class DrawableString

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Font::Font ( char *  fontFilename,
WCHAR *  textureFilename,
GameContainer game 

Create an instance of a Font

Font::~Font ( )

Destruct this instance of the Font

Member Function Documentation

void Font::BuildVertexArray ( VertexType *  vertices,
char *  sentence,
float  drawX,
float  drawY 

Build the font vertex array

Array of vertices to fill Text to render Place to draw in the X axis Place to draw in the Y axis

Texture * Font::GetTexture ( )

Get the font texture

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DrawableString

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